Here’s Why You Have Dry Hair in Colorado

woman with side view of curly hair

Back in 2009 I did the big chop.  I transitioned for nine months before finally cutting off all of my relaxed ends.  I was left with a teeny fro and started experimenting with all sorts of hair products.  At that time there were only a few online resources like blogs and hair forums.  There were Youtube videos but not anything like the hair tutorials we have today.

Everyone talked about what worked for their natural hair and I found it odd that a lot of those things didn’t work for me.  I finally realized that people who lived in other climates had different hair issues than what I faced here in Colorado.

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“What do you use to moisturize your hair?” or “I never had dry hair like this back east/down south” are common things that I here from people here.  It’s true that there is little to no humidity in Colorado so our hair can feel very dry in the Rocky Mountain region.  Hopefully in today’s post I can help bring light to the subject.

A Few Things to Help Maintain Your Hair’s Moisture in the Colorado Climate
1.  Avoid Products with Glycerin

For a while there I was trying everything under the sun.  If a product sounded good for someone else, I was out the door to hunt it down at the local beauty supply.  I started to notice that products with glycerin just never really moisturized my hair like it did for other people.  

That’s because glycerin is a humectant and will draw moisture to your hair.   This is great if you live in an area with high humidity.  Since we live in a dry climate, mostly absent of moisture, the glycerin can pull moisture from the hair instead.

Read more about the pros and cons of glycerin on natural hair here.

Tip:  Adding a humectant to a deep conditioner can actually increase your hair’s moisture levels.   I sometimes add glycerin or raw honey, another humectant, to my deep conditioner before applying it for a moisture boost.  When used this way glycerin’s humectant abilities are a plus.

2.  Use Filtered Water

We have hard water in Colorado.  All that means is there are minerals in the water here that can deposit onto your hair and buildup over time.  Calcium is one of the minerals found in Colorado water.  You can also check the hard water map to see if your area has hard water.  When mineral deposits build up on the hair it can feel dry and brittle.  This can be one of the reasons why you have dry hair just by living in Colorado.

Tip:  One thing you can do is attach a water filter to your shower plumbing to help remove the minerals from your water.  You can also use filtered water in a spray bottle when styling your hair instead of water from the tap.

3.  Clarify Your Hair

Hard water can be a nuissance but you can minimize the drying effects by clarifying your hair.  When you have excess buildup of any kind, whether it be calcium or from hair products, it’s always good to clarify your hair.  You can do this by simply using a clarifying shampoo.  What makes a shampoo a clarifier is the ingredients.  Not only will it do a good job of removing mineral deposits and product buildup but also work to get rid of chlorine after swimming.  You will notice a huge difference in how your hair reacts to products after cleansing it with a clarifying shampoo.

Note:  It’s not suggested to use a clarifier often so once a month should do the trick.  A sulfate based shampoo can also be used to remove chlorine after swimming.

4.  Deep Condition!

If you really want to get your dry hair back on track fast then a deep conditioning treatment is in order.  That really is the best way to give your hair the moisture it needs.  Using heat to help the deep conditioner penetrate the hair strands will make the treatment even more intense.  

woman using a plastic cap to deep condition
Deep conditioning once a week can help moisturize dry hair

Tip:  Be sure to use a product that is heavy on ingredients that will provide moisture.  There are a lot of treatments that are meant to strengthen the hair which can lead to breakage if used too often.  That is because they are more protein based.

There you have it;  some of the reasons why you may be experiencing dry hair in Colorado.  Feel free to browse through my older posts to get an idea of what works for someone who has dealt with dry natural hair here.  You can also leave a question or comment below.  Stop back for new posts each week!


5 Awesome Hair Products with Aloe Vera

potted aloe vera with text overlay

This year I celebrated my ten year natural hair anniversary.  That’s right, I’ve been natural for ten whole years so you can only imagine how many products I’ve tried.  After all of the trial and error, I can finally say that I have a pretty good idea of what works for my hair and what doesn’t.  I may try a new product here and there but I’ve been using my daily products for a while now.  

In today’s post I’m sharing about five of my personal favorite hair products.  They all have aloe vera in the ingredients list and work great for my hair.  

This post may contain affiliate links which means I will make a commission on any product you buy through those links at NO EXTRA cost to you.

Don’t Believe the Hype

When you’re browsing through hair products at the store it can be a little overwhelming.  So many of them claim to work miracles for your hair on the label.  It’s really all smoke and mirrors until you read the ingredients list.  For example, a product can’t possibly strengthen your hair without having protein somewhere in that list.  

In my case, aloe vera tends to act as a detangler so I look for it when I’m choosing hair products.  I go into greater detail in my previous post on the benefits of aloe vera for natural hair.  

Shortly after I wrote that post, I realized how many of my favorite products contain aloe as an ingredient.  I kept going back to those products not knowing why they worked for my hair.   I repurchased them again and again because I just loved how my hair felt when I used them.  It turns out that aloe was there in the ingredients list all along.  

Five Awesome Products with Aloe Vera

Tresemme Botanique Nourish & Replenish with Coconut Milk & Aloe Vera

Tresemme is a popular drugstore brand that has a full line of shampoos, conditioners and stylers.  I have been using their products for years at this point and appreciate the amount of product I get for the price.  I first tried a conditioner from their Naturals line which was discontinued years ago.  That product was later replaced with the Botanique Nourish & Replenish with Coconut Milk and Aloe Conditioner.  

I first tried this conditioner because it was silicone free.  That was back when I was experimenting with the Curly Girl method and cowashing.  The whole “no shampoo” thing didn’t go so well for me but I still use it because it’s a great conditioner with enough slip for detangling.  It also leaves my hair feeling really soft and moisturized whenever I use it.  

Bonus:  This product also contains coconut oil which we all know is very beneficial to the hair.

bottles of hair conditioner
Two of my favorite conditioners contain aloe. Both are affordable, smell great and have great slip for detangling.
Aussie Moist Conditioner

My second favorite rinse out conditioner is one that I also use as a leave-in.  I’m talking about the Aussie Moist Conditioner that I’m always raving about.  This product has amazing slip so detangling with my denman brush is never an issue.  I use it to co-wash when I want to rinse heavy product from my hair (mainly hair gel) and my curls always seem to behave better when I do.  When I use it as a leave-in my hair is left feeling moisturized and soft.  

The only drawback to using the Aussie Moist conditioner is that it contains dimethicone which is a heavy silicone.  This ingredient can only be removed from the hair with a sulfate based shampoo or else it causes build-up.  For this reason I use a clarifying shampoo every few weeks to remove the heavy silicone from my hair.  However, I still stand by this conditioner as one of my holy grail products because of all of the other benefits.

The Conditioner by Paul Mitchell

I found this conditioner while searching through wash n’ go videos on Youtube.  The product is Paul Mitchell’s The Conditioner and is actually a creamy leave-in.  I like how it not only moisturizes my hair but also gives it some slip so I can style it without tangles.  It’s ligthweight and provides a lot of moisture underneath my heavier Eco Styler gel.  This product is even light enough to use when I style my hair with heat.

Bonus:  This conditioner can be made into a DIY spray leave-in by diluting it with water in a spray bottle.

bottle of paul mitchell conditioner
The Conditioner by Paul Mitchell has been a staple in my hair stash for years.
Shea Moisture’s Curl n’ Style Hair Milk

The moisturizer I reach for practically on a daily basis is Shea Moisture’s Curl n’ Style Hair Milk.  This product is all natural and contains shea butter and coconut oil in addition to aloe vera.  I actually use this product to seal in moisture because of the heaviness  from the shea butter.  The only con would be that this moisturizer is actually so heavy that I feel like it only works for my low porosity hair when wet.  

Bottle of shea moisture curl n' style hair milk
This product by Shea Moisture has all natural ingredients including aloe and coconut oil.
DIY Aloe Vera Spray

One of my most popular blog posts is one that I wrote years ago about how I made my own Aloe Vera Spray leave-in.  The spray is great for hair but can also be used on your scalp because aloe is actually good for that too!  For this version I like to purchase aloe vera juice from a natural grocery store.  It’s the kind that needs to be refrigerated once open but is the best in my opinion.  You can check out the full recipe here.

There you have it!  5 hair products that all contain aloe vera and can be added to your hair routine.  I like to keep things simple so when I find something that works, I stick with it.  

Be sure to check out some of my other posts for tips on healthy natural hair.   You can also follow my hair journey on Facebook and Instagram.



Scalp Psoriasis and Hair Growth Update

side view of woman with curly hair

Earlier this year I wrote a post about how scalp psoriasis led to a major hair setback last fall.  I ended up losing a lot of hair due to all of the daily shampooing and detangling it took to keep my scalp under control.  After a few months I was left with see through ends and breakage.  It was disheartening because my hair was actually in really good shape before my scalp went out of control.  As a result, I decided to give myself a trim and move forward with an updated healthy hair routine.

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Choosing a Protective Style for Summer

Black hair high bun protective style

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I want to wear my natural hair this summer.   It’s fun to visualize myself with a cute protective style even though the warm weather is dragging it’s feet here in Colorado. We’ve gotten hail storm warnings nearly everyday but it looks as though the sunshine is finally on it’s way.    

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Creating the Perfect Catwoman Cosplay Costume

Each year my family makes plans to attend the Denver Pop Culture Con which is a huge convention for fans of comics, movies and television.  This year’s event will be held May 31st through June 2nd in downtown Denver at the Convention Center.  We always enjoy seeing all of the different people in their costumes and sometimes even dress as our favorite characters.  Catwoman has always been my go-to costume.  I love the Batman movies, new and old so I love to bring that character to life.  Thing is, the convention can be grueling at times.  There is a lot of walking and standing so wearing a costume all day can be very uncomfortable.  Over the years I have found ways to maintain my hairstyles and makeup for those long comic convention days.  

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