What finally made me decide to go Natural

My hair in Aug. ’08
After using a relaxer to straighten my hair for 20 years, there I was trying to decide if I should go Natural.  For me this would mean “re-learning” how to do my hair.  The last time my hair was Natural, my mother was still doing it for me.  I even called to ask her about my hair texture back then.  It wasn’t so thick and crazy that she didn’t know what to do with it.  I also remembered how long it was. 
Then it was like a light finally went on…my hair was long back then.  I also thought that it was pretty sad that I couldn’t even remember what my own hair texture was before the relaxer.  So, that was it, I had my mind set on growing out my relaxed hair.  I figured, I spent twenty years wearing it straight, so why not spend the next twenty natural?
Of course I had to talk it over with my husband.  He and I have known each other since High School and this would be new for both of us.  For weeks I kept asking him if he was okay with it.  Finally he just said, “I didn’t marry you for your hair!”  He was behind me 100 percent.  Even now, when I look at how fast it’s growing, he keeps saying how he knew all along that it would be healthier if I just quit putting all that harsh stuff in my hair. 
My hair in May 2010
So there you have it.  The last time I used a relaxer was in July of 2008 but I didn’t actually decide to go natural until October of the same year.  I waited until May of 2009 to chop off the relaxed ends. 
To watch my video on how I did it, check out my YouTube channel, mitchellzee

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  1. It's great to hear how supportive your Hubby was about your transition. Unfortunately I can't say the same about mine – lol.

    That was 9 years ago – he is proud of my decision these days.

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