How I Style My Heat Damaged Hair for a Wash n’ Go

A plait in front helps to
blend the straight pieces
with the rest of my curly hair
Even though the majority of my hair is still nice and curly, the front of my hair is practically straight when I wear a wash n’ go because of heat damage.  I’ve been doing lots of braid outs and twist outs to help add texture to that area.  I finally figured out how to blend the straight pieces in with the rest of my hair when I wear my natural curls.  I feel so silly for not figuring it out sooner but hey, better late than never.
Gel of Choice
for my Wash n’ Go styles
Basically, I apply product to my hair the way I normally would for a wash n’ go.  I use leave-in conditioner on wet hair (usually Suave Coconut Conditioner) and then seal with oil.  Right now I’m lovin’ African Royale’s Hot Six Oil, which is a Bronner Bros. product.  Then I apply Argan Oil Eco Styler Gel to my hair in medium size sections starting with the back and rake it through.  When I get to the front, heat damaged area, I still apply products in the same way.  Then I take that section and braid it up in one plait.  Sometimes I’ll do a two strand twist with a roller on the end.  Since I start my wash n’ go’s at night, I usually pull the rest of my hair back into a puff and cover my hair with a satin bonnet.  The next day I take down the puff and spritz with my leave-in spray mixture.  Then I shake my hair out to bring the curls back to life.  Lastly, I take down the plait or twist, which is usually a bit damp but is now wavy in texture and blends in better with the rest of my hair. 
The front now blends with the rest of my hair
Wavy bangs are better than straight for this look
Back/Side View

Our Herb Garden

Lavender Flowers in our herb garden

This morning the hubby and I got up to harvest a few herbs from our garden.  Almost everything in it is edible except for a few flower bushes and ground covers.  The soil is dark and rich and most of the plants come back each year which gives us lots of herbs all summer long.  Herbs can really take off once in the ground but we also have some planted in containers.  

Fresh cut lavender ready for drying

Our lavender bushes were the main concern today because the flowers can lose essential oils as the heat sets in later in the afternoon.  We have to cut them in the morning so that they’ll be at their best for later use.  Afterwards, we hang them to dry in a cool, dark place and then use the flowers and buds in crafts like lavender sachets or Lavender Vanilla Sugar. 

Potted rosemary
I try to use most of the herbs fresh when I cook during the summer and whatever is left in the fall, we cut and dry for the winter months.  My husband also uses some of the herbs to make his own fruit & herb flavored vinegars which we currently sell in our Etsy store.

Fresh cut chives
This week we’re planning on cooking steaks for the first time on our new grill so the chives we cut today will go great with baked potatoes.  I’m also looking forward to using the mint in drinks this weekend or to top a creamy dessert.

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I use this in chicken dishes
and my homemade cornbread dressing

I love that it grows continuously
throughout the summer
Potted thyme
Adds flavor to soups and sauces

Denver Natural Hair Meet-Up: The Re-Cap

Me and Sabrina Perkins of

I’m winding down and letting my feet rest after all of the days’ activities.  There were plenty of things to do today before the meet-up downtown but we managed to pull it off.  The great thing about all of this is that Sabrina (of and I have lots of ideas for the next event.  Getting ready for tonight was like opening up a whole new world of possibilities.  We met lots of great contacts and found support from places we didn’t know were there. 

The Rio Grande Mexican Grille served up some excellent strawberry margaritas and mexican dishes.   Thanks to the friendly staff who were also very accomodating, we had an enjoyable evening.  A big thanks to everyone who came out to our first event.  It was really great to get a chance to speak with everyone and share our tips and experiences.

Rio Grande Mexican Grille
in Downtown Denver

Hair talk and good food


Me with Shanae Smith and Ayanna Blueford
Loved talking with you ladies



Goodie bags with free samples
Thanks to all of the businesses that offered items for our gift bags including:  
Kinky Curly
Sephora Shops at Cherry Creek Mall and Northlands

Giveaway Prizes

(Carol’s Daughter & Ojon Samples) More Than Curly Salon in Aurora (Ouidad Samples)

We look forward to doing it all again in the future so be sure to email either Sabrina or myself if you would like to receive info on upcoming events.

Denver’s Natural Hair Meet-Up is Almost Here!

I can’t believe that the Denver Natural Hair Meet-up is finally coming up this Saturday, June 25th.  Naturals, transitioners and anyone considering going natural are all welcome to join us for what will be a “Girl’s Night Out” style gathering.  We’ll talk hair and swap stories while enjoying some great food.  We’ll each be paying for our own eats but hopefully we can pick-up a sponsor for future events.

Sabrina of the blog, Seriously Natural, has done a great job talkin’ the event up to local stylists who we hope will also be in attendance.  She has even gathered samples of hair goodies from companies like Kinky Curly and Carol’s Daughter!  I’m excited too because this will be the first hair meet-up I’ve been to.  Hope to see you there!

Don’t Forget to R.S.V.P.

Length Check-February 2011

Since I’m on a hair growth journey, I can get antsy sometimes because I don’t always get to see my hair’s true length under all this shrinkage.  Last month I decided to straighten my hair out to see where it’s at right now lengthwise. 

Since I have layers and bangs, the longest part is in the back which is why I take pictures so I can see where it falls.  At first I didn’t really think that it looked like much because I still have a ways to go before I reach my current goal of APL.  However, when I compared it to a picture that I took last year I actually saw how far I’ve come.  The other thing I noticed is that my hair isn’t as short as I thought it was since my cut in January.  I was scared that maybe I cut a little too much since I did it on slightly stretched hair.  Am I going to make it to APL by May…my 2 year Nappiversary?  For me, it’s still hard to say.  Either way, I can see that I am making progress.